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Tilt / Ball Switch

Tilt / Ball Switch

This example shows how to read the state of a tilt switch and turn the LED on pin 13 on or off according to the sate of the switch..

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Board
  • You can connect a separate LED or just use the in-built one on pin 13.
  • 10K resistor


Connect the tilt switch as shown to digital pin 2.




/** * Turn on an LED connected to LEDPIN only when * the value readed on INPIN is HIGH */ #define LEDPIN 13 #define INPIN 2 void setup() { pinMode(LEDPIN, OUTPUT); pinMode(INPIN, INPUT); } void loop() { if(digitalRead(INPIN) == HIGH){ digitalWrite(LEDPIN, HIGH); // turns the LED on } else { digitalWrite(LEDPIN, LOW); // turns the LED off } delay(10); // debounce switch (wait for a stable read) }

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