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Sound Detector

Sound Detector

This example shows how to use a Sound Detector Module. 

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Board
  • Sound Detector Module


The Sound Detector Module has three pins. 




Connect +5V to +5V on Arduino.

Connect GND to GND on Arduino.

Connect OUT to digital pin 2.




* Connect sound sensor to digital pin 2
* We will use the onboard lED to indicate sound detected and output to sr=erial monitor

#define soundPin 2 // Use Pin 10 as our Input
int soundValue = HIGH; // This is where we record our Sound Measurement
int led = 13;

boolean bSound = false;

unsigned long lastSoundTime; // Record the time that we measured a sound

int soundTime = 100; // Number of milli seconds to keep the sound alarm high

void setup ()
  pinMode (soundPin, INPUT) ; // input from the Sound Detection Module
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop ()
  soundValue = digitalRead (soundPin) ; // read the sound alarm time

  if (soundValue == LOW) // If we hear a sound

    lastSoundTime = millis(); // record the time of the sound alarm
    // We don't want to fill up monitor
    if (!bSound){
      Serial.println("LOUD, LOUD");
      digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
      bSound = true;
    if( (millis()-lastSoundTime) > soundTime && bSound){
      digitalWrite(led, LOW);
      bSound = false;


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