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IoT Consultancy

IoT Consultancy

At oddWires we have big ideas and the drive to bring them to life. We now have many years’ experience of innovation and success in visualizing, enabling and building solutions to new consumer challenges. We are part designers, part coders and part entrepreneurs and are never at a loss for ideas. We are creative digital visionaries who want see our prototypes turned into products that reach the consumer marketplace.

We can drive and deliver prototypes on several key platforms and technologies to define and deliver new product concepts. We can also envision new ways of stitching together existing technologies in ways that either improve existing product lines or open up entirely new areas.

We have:

  • the ability to conceive and execute product visions using a rapid prototyping model, both in software and hardware.
  • great understanding of various platforms and technologies (Arduino, Rasberry PI, PHP, SQL, AJAX, C++, and others) to create prototype and reference code for proof-of-concept, demonstration and testing of solutions which combine existing technologies in new and novel ways.
  • fearless willingness to dive deep on new technologies as required.
  • the ability to work with your team to realize prototypes that feel real, explain and prove user concepts for next generation experiences. 
  • helped develop, implement and evangelize a process that allows design and development to work closely together on rapid iteration of design concepts.

Our services include:

PCB Services

  • PCB Design - schematic and board layout
  • PCB Manufacturing - we can subcontract PCB manufacture in cost-effective locations
  • PCB Assembly - we can subcontract PCB assembly in the US cost-effectively

Programming and Integration

  • Programming services - C and C++ for Arduino and many other micro controller environments
  • PHP with a Laravel framework and MySQL - Web back-ends
  • HTML/Javascript/jQuery/Bootstrap - Web front-ends
  • Objective-C - Apple apps

Operations and Deployment

  • NPM and Composer - utilize most common packages in a PHP/Laravel environment
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk - cloud deployment of PHP/Laravel apps
  • Amazon - S3 - utilize S3 for image store and other uses

We also offer programming services in PHP/Laravel to integrate with eCommerce:


  • Amazon - integrate Amazon MWS (Amazon Marketplace) API Services with your eCommerce application
  • eBay - integrate eBay API Services with your eCommerce application
  • BigCommerce - integrate BigCommerce API Services with your eCommerce application

Call us on (855) 463-9473 to discuss your Internet of Things Project.



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